Spring is finally here!

Despite the way the weather has been acting, we at Windy City Plates are still excited about Spring. Spring holds the promise of a fresher outlook on the world. The Spring air seems fresher and we love getting to let our hair down and let wind blow through it. We're ready for the trees to start blooming and the grass to start growing. The weather is warmer(ish) and it's time to get outside.

Artistically, Spring brings more ideas for our plates and more opportunities to take spectacular photos around Chicago. There is just something special about the colors in the Spring after the long, harsh winter with it's greys and whites. We are looking forward to more walks to venture into new areas of Chicago, in search of inspiration. The vivid windows of the Mag mile provide their own inspiration as well. We're also excited for the fountains to turn back on and shower us with new ideas.

Not only is Spring itself exciting, but we also look forward to lazing outside in their warm Summer air.

So get out there and enjoy some sunshine!!!!

Anna and Tony

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